Isokinetic Machines

Muscle Rehabilitation
With Isoforce
In olbia, porto cervo and sassari

Isoforce is a sophisticated rehabilitation and assessment system that uses different modes of resistance. It can be used for more than 20 different articulations.
Isoforce performs well for training and therapy.
It has proved to be a valuable tool for rehabilitation and physiotherapy clinics, sports and fitness centers, and research institutions and universities.

Multi-Factor Progress

Testing and Targeting
Neuromuscular tests with Isoforce generate complete reports that are easy to read and interpret.
With the wide variety of modes available, many parameters such as power, resistance, work or spasticity level can be evaluated. Isoforce helps to set specific and realistic goals for rehabilitation or professional training and also helps to record progress.

Treating and Activating
Restoring the Range of Movement, Coordination, Stretching, Strengthening, Enhancement, and Increasing Resistance:
the different training modes make the system suitable for each stage of the rehabilitation procedure.

No matter the type of muscle contraction (concentric/eccentric) or training mode (isometric, isotonic, isokinetic, CPM), isoforce implements them all.

Evaluation and Prevention
Progress can be monitored during training or during the rehabilitation program.
Reevaluating athletes during the competitive season provides training indications and helps to prevent injuries.


• Extension/flexion (sitting)
• Extension/flexion (supine)
• Internal/external tibial rotation
• Plantar/back flexion
• Inversion/eversion
• Extension/flexion
• Adduction/abduction
• Internal/external rotation
• Extension/flexion
• Ulnar/radial deviation
• Pronation/supination
• Extension/flexion
• Adduction/abduction
• Extension/flexion
• Horizontal adduction/abduction
• Internal/external rotation
(Different positions possible)
Extension/flexion (Optional)
Optional work simulator

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